Trim / Railings/ Built-Ins Trim / Railings/ Built-Ins Wall spaced reduced to add two closets to room. 201484795 Built-in created for DVD's and tapes. 201484796 Laundry folding station. 201484797 Washer/Dryer closet. 201484798 Customer book cases. 201484799 Custom cherry railing system. 201484800 Custom stairwell installed in newly relocated basement access in 1800's farmhouse. 201485020 Custom recessed shelving and closet in ranch. 201486695 Relocated basement door, stairs, and railing in 1800's farmhouse. 201485021 Relocated basement door, stairs, and railing in 1800's farmhouse. 201485022 Reclaimed lumber restored and installed in remodeled bathoom in a 1800's farmhouse. 201485023 Custom built in book cases and cabinetry in a home office. 201488271 Custom mortised lockset. 201486994 Horizontal wainscotting on beach house kitchen island. 201485025 Custom pull-out drawers and pocket door in home laundry. 201488273 Custom molding ready for painting in vintage farmhouse. 201485026 Custom frame trim in stairwell. 201488274 Bamboo flooring and wanescotting. 201486996 Refinished stairwell with mission newel posts, treads, and railings, along with wrought iron balusters. 201486031 Re-purposed cabinetry used with new laminate counters to complete a basement den wet bar. 201488282